Science Adda

At ScienceAdda, we create a fun and unforgettable learning experience for children in the area of Science. We innovate and create thematic (topics in science) experiential Science pavilions that is curated (storytellers) and delivered to children at schools or public locations. These experiences allow children to relate what they learn at school (curriculum) to real-life applications.




Sound Pavilion

  • Sonic Boom – At the Adda theatre
  • Compression and Expansion-The Doppler Effect
  • Dancing Flames -Ruben’s Tube
  • Sound Moves Matter – Cymatics
  • Tune to Frequency -The Strobe

Light Pavilion

  • Optics – World through our Eyes
  • Bend it like light-Reflects, Refracts and Magnify
  • Light Entertainment-Photography and cinematics
  • Light Scope – Telescope, Microscope and kaleidoscope
  • Light in Colour -Shades and Shadows

Water Pavilion

  • Life Liquid – Drinking Water
  • Physical States-Density, Melting and Boiling points and impact in various Conditions
  • Universal Solvent-impact an conductivity colloids &Emulsion
  • Surface Tension – hydrophobic/ Hydrophillic Floatation ,soap/cleansing.
  • Water in Nature -Water and Plants, Clouds and Rain, Aquifiers, Springs and Wells

Appliances Pavilion

  • Kitchen – Microwave, induction, pressure cooker, coffee machine and soda machine
  • Cleaning-vacuum cleaners, washing machine
  • Around the room-Fans, Air conditioners, Controllers, Induction Heaters
  • Entertainment – TV’s, audio, MP3/MP4 and satellite
  • Principle’s and concepts -Levers, Sensors and controllers

Mechanics & Motion Pavilion

  • Levers – leveraging the concept of simple machines
  • Joints and Links-Unlinking the mystery between different kinds of connectors
  • Friction-How surfaces and objects interact when brought nearer to each other
  • Forces of motion – Unravelling the forces found around us.
  • Motion -Speeding up the study of how we move from A to B.

Transportation Pavilion

  • Basic transport principles – Designing to be faster, better and cheaper
  • Bio transport-Understanding how we can learn from nature
  • On land-Roads, trains- from wave boards to ATVs
  • On & in water – Motive power, wave motion & exploring the earliest mode of transport
  • Flight of Fancy -Understanding how planes fly & the future of delivery

Electricity Pavilion

  • Concepts and basics – Static, current, polarity potential etc
  • The cycle of power-Generation, Transmission, Storage & Consumption
  • Converting Electricity-Energy conversion from and to electricity
  • Conductors, insulators & Semi conductors – From normal wire to super conductors
  • Electricity in plants & animals -figuring out Organic LED to ECG/EEGs

Human Senses Pavilion

  • Our senses react to the minutest changes – not only as a tool for survival but also for thrilling entertainment – be it a gourmet meal, a 5D movie or that scary roller coaster.
  • Ancient philosophers called the human senses “the windows of the soul” and Aristotle described the 5 basic senses: Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste and Touch. Did you know we can smell a trillion smells?....